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With its iconic 7-slot grille, 4×4 drivetrain, and high ground clearance, you’ll be prepared for any terrain. The Rubicon is equipped with a powerful 2.0L turbocharged engine and 8-speed automatic transmission. Whether you’re looking for an extreme off-roading adventure or a smooth drive across town, the Jeep Rubicon is sure to exceed your expectations.

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About Jeep

The automobile brand, Jeep, is based in Toledo, Ohio. The iconic American brand of vehicles is renowned for its off-road capability and rugged design.

Jeep originated during World War II when the US Army requested a motorized vehicle to transport personnel and supplies over rough terrain. The original model, Willys MB, featured a four-cylinder engine, four-wheel drive system, two-speed transfer case, and a low-speed gear. It was nicknamed the ‘Jeep’ due to the abbreviation of the acronym GP (general purpose) used by the Army.

After World War II, Jeep became a civilian brand and gained popularity amongst Americans. Jeep has continued to evolve its designs over the years, offering more luxurious appointments, improved safety features, and enhanced off-road capability.

From their humble beginnings to modern-day icons, Jeep continues to make waves in the automotive industry.